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Nuclear, the future of energy

Nuclear power plants in Belgium are responsible for the production of the majority of our electrical power. Nevertheless, the government has voted to shut down these power plants by 2025. Because there is no viable alternative to replace the total output of nuclear power plants, this will greatly affect the price we pay for our electricity.

As the consequences of climate change are becoming more and more real, any solution to our energy needs should be contingent with the aim for Belgium to be carbon neutral by 2050. Did you know that nuclear power plants are almost completely carbon neutral? Test your knowldge of the advantages of nuclear plants by going to the Quiz

At 100TWh, which stands for the projected electrical energy needs of our country in the near future, we want to ensure that our nuclear power plants remain operational after 2025 to guarantee an affordable and carbon neutral energy production!

Why nuclear


  • CO2 free
  • Air pollution free
  • Minimal land use

Low cost

  • Long lifetime: minimum 60 years
  • No need for expensive storage


  • Independent of oil & gas
  • Independent of weather
  • Stable, continuous production

Our activities

Our members engage themselves to deliver up-to-date information on nuclear energy to a wide audience. Head over to the Info corner on this website to find various articles written by our members on different topics related to nuclear energy! We also keep track of the latest media reports in our Press corner.

You can also test your knowledge about nuclear energy by going to the quiz page where we offer two quizzes that educate about the many misconceptions that exist around nuclear energy. The quizzes are provided in an online format as well as a downloadable document that you can distribute among your friends.

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